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Grid adjustments, remaining economic life, site value and more.

For grid adjustments, the traditional method has been to search for paired sales that are equal in every way except the characteristic being analyzed. More recently, statistical analysis is applied to a large group of houses located near the subject.  

After 20 years and over 6,000 appraisals, I have come to understand the limitations of these methods. Paired sales are seldom found. Statistical analysis tools are not designed for the sales grid.  Regression does a great job of predicting value for a group of 30+ houses, meeting the needs of assessors and mortgage portfolio managers very well. 

But using regression coefficients as grid adjustments is hit or miss.  GLA, bedrooms and baths are often combined into one predictor.

Our search for a method that is predictive and repeatable has lead us to the Depreciated Cost Method. We have developed a suite of calculators that make the Depreciated Cost Method fast and convenient. It is designed for the sales grid. We license cost data so there is nothing more to buy.  

Hover over the Depreciated Cost tab and look at the drop down menu. Read about The Sample Problem and how Depreciated Cost aligns with USPAPThen gives us a try at Order Now. There is a Free Trial option. When you are ready, choose between a $15/month recurring subscription and a $150 annual subscription.