Excel spreadsheet you can use to document paired sales, calculate depreciated cost adjustments, estimate site value and calculate depreciation.


Building components age differently. Carpet and paint have less economic life than a roof. A roof has less economic life than the house as a whole.

Website you can use to document cost-to-cure for roof, paint, HVAC and hundreds more at the local zip code level.

A study from the National Association of Homebuilders that shows, among other things, that a typical new construction house has 2776 square feet, is built on a 11,186 sf lot (22% of sale price) and has site improvements of another 4.4%.

Survey about the entrepreneurial incentive appraiser’s expect for repairs. If a buyer knows the house needs a roof, how much would they discount the house beyond repair cost?

Site improvements include driveways, walks, landscaping etc. Some assignments include well and septic.

What does an in-ground pool add to the value of a single family residential property? Depends on climate and price range! See what 100+ appraisers think.