These resources were used at a CE class taught in Wisconsin in March 2019

This workbook can be used as a workfile to calculate and document paired sale adjustments, paired cost adjustments, site value by regression, extraction and allocation; and market depreciation. This is intended for use with the appraiser’s data.

This is link to a publication that shows lifespan of building components. Carpet and paint have less economic life than a roof. A roof has less economic life than the house as a whole. Use this to calibrate depreciated cost adjustments for components that have shorter lifespans than the house as a whole.

This is a link to a website you can use to document cost-to-cure for roof, paint, HVAC and hundreds more at the local zip code level.

A study from the National Association of Homebuilders that shows, among other things, that a typical new construction house has 2776 square feet, is built on a a 11,186sf lot (22% of sale price) and has site improvements of another 4.4%.

This is a link to Snagit, a versatile screen capture tool that places anything on your screen into a Word doc, or lets you edit with arrows, highlighter (great for plat maps, zoning maps) and saves a screen shot on your clipboard so you can insert it as a page in a report. Fast workfile tool!!